The International Early Education Institute by ChildWise was created with the best early childhood education (ECE) resources in the U.S., with the help of ECE experts from China, the U.K., Japan, and Northern Europe.


The Institute provides vocational and parent training from leading ECE scholars around the world, serving as an international academic center. The Institute also hosts visits previously established by the ChildWise study tour.

ChildWise CMO Michael Kozuchowski speaks at the National Association of Early Childhood Education (NAEYC) Annual Meeting

  International Early Education Institute   

The Institute is currently setting up an International Early Education Demonstration Center (for ages 0-3 and 3-6), based on the CDA® credential and global standards for daycare and kindergarten design. The Demonstration Center will be integrating the recommendations of international ECE experts, and providing solutions to the most pressing ECE issues. The Demonstration Center will also showcase international resources for early childhood education, including curricula, teaching materials, and online materials.

·       A center for ChildWise's CDA program to allocate educational resources and research


·       Host for Early Childhood Education Tours


·       Demonstration Center based on CDA standards


·       Women's entrepreneurship center for mothers and early childhood educators


​​​​​​​·       Training center for overseas families


·       Centrally located in Z-Park, in the heart of Boston.

Chinese Principals take part in a ChildWise Study Tour of Boston's kindergartens.

Professor LI Junlei, Senior Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, teaches a seminar at Harvard to a ChildWise study tour.

Ying LIU


Executive President, International Early Education Institute

Ying LIU is an early educator, a CDA professional development expert, the senior director of Massachusetts kindergarten, and the author of the book Natural English Skills for 0-3 Years Old. Liu serves as the executive dean of the International Early Education Institute established in Boston. She also works with international ECE experts to develop CDA Chinese courses for ChildWise.