The First CDA Study Tour Arrives in the US and Attends Lecture by Early Education Expert, Ying Liu

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A group of CDA principals completed the first ChildWise Study Tour in the United States. Over the course of their stay, they visited Harvard University where they met with and learned from Professor Junlei Li, senior lecturer in Early Education at the Harvard University School of Education. The group also visited kindergartens that have been recognized for their excellence in Boston and Washington D.C. While in D.C., they visited the CDA Council to learn about the CDA Credentialing Program and the Professional Development Specialist (PDS) certification. To finish their tour, they visited the Division of Early Learning in the Office of the State Superintendent of Education to discuss strategies for inclusive education, a dominant practice in the United States.


ChildWise Study Tour at the Urban College of Boston,
the birthplace of the Chinese CDA training program in the U.S.


ChildWise Study Tour attends “Theories of Early Education" course,
presented by Prof. Junlei Li of the Harvard University School of Education.
ChildWise Study Tour visits Boston Area Kindergarten.




Presentation A


This presentation focuses on discussing the work of teachers, management techniques for principals, ways to increase cooperation with parents, environmental practices, toys, books, daily activities, accident handling and more. It serves as a comprehensive introduction to the operation and management model used in American kindergartens.


How to cultivate children's ability at an early stage, how to lay a solid foundation for children’s future success – these are aspirations shared by educators around the world. We as educators should learn from each other and should continue to seek out new and innovative teaching methods and concepts. Participants in this presentation should come away with a deep understanding of the American kindergartens system, and will have acquired practical tools and knowledge to use in their future work.


Workshop A


What is a “successful” toddler?




Presentation B


In-depth analysis of the management and leadership of kindergarten principals in the United States.


This presentation provides an in-depth analysis of the duties and working details of American kindergarten principals, including an explanation of levels of management and leadership. Participants analyzed the growth trajectory of what the industry considers an excellent kindergarten principal. In the United States, a kindergarten principal, as a professional manager, not only should make themselves available to help teachers solve difficulties that arise in their daily work, but also know what is means to be an excellent leader, and provide guidance to teachers and staff to promote their development and the development of the kindergartens. Outstanding principals in Boston work hard to make their kindergartens the favorite place of the children who attend them. They do so by staying focused on details and their schools strengths.


Workshop B


Who is a “good kindergarten principal?



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