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International Early Educator Certificate Online 30-hour Course

CDA® International Early Educator Certificate is a 30-hour training class based on the CDA® curriculum standards. Upon completion, students will receive the CDA® International Early Educator Certificate (30 class hours). This course is taught by our Professional Development Specialist and Executive President of the International Early Education Institute, Ying LIU.
$ 418.00

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  • CDA® International Early Educator Certificate Online 30-hour Course


    Preface to the course:

    After the opening of the second child policy, China ’s 2017-2019 new babies reached 47.46 million. The demand for childcare centers for infants aged 0-3 years old has blown out. International childcare teachers who have received professional training in international scientific childcare will become the new darlings of the workplace and find employment. Opportunities and salaries are much higher than other industries.



    Chinese market demand blowout

    Various provinces and cities have successively launched the 0-3 year-old childcare policy this year. Beijing announced that it will build 34 childcare center demonstration units this year, which means that there will be hundreds or even thousands of new childcare centers in the capital; Sichuan Province announced a new district There are 10 brackets per thousand population, and there are 8 per 1,000 population in the old district, which means that this large province of 83 million people needs more than 90,000 brackets. Calculated by 10 to 1, it is necessary for a large province alone. Nearly 10,000 new daycare personnel were added.




    Course advantages:

    The CDA® International Nurse Training Qualification Special Training Course is a 30-hour special training course tailored for the Chinese market. The lecture will be delivered live by Liu Yanying, Executive Dean of the Boston International Early Education Institute. After the students complete the course and submit the qualified assignments, Can get the CDA® International Nursery Education Certificate (30 hours), and excellent students can get job recommendations.


    One of the important achievements of CDA® is to provide scientific knowledge of brain development for infants aged 0-3 years. According to relevant research, brain development of 0-3 years old has reached 80-85%, so the scientific childcare knowledge of international nursery teachers is particularly important. The course provides students with a deeper understanding and grasp of the roots of infants and young children's growth and development, a better understanding of infants and young children's behavior, and the development of more personalized development goals.


    By studying this course, students will quickly and accurately grasp the growth milestones, development laws and different scientific development goals of each stage of infants and young children, and formulate reasonable and scientific solutions accordingly to help children grow and progress.


    What problems does our course solve?

    • At present, the basic knowledge of infant care workers in our country is not comprehensive and fragmented, and a solid structure cannot be formed to support the daily work of infant care workers.
    • At present, the learning content of infants and nurses is not practical enough to help nurses solve problems in their work in a timely manner.
    • The knowledge that is mastered is not systematic and cannot help the nursery staff achieve self-improvement and work reflection.
    • The depth and breadth of knowledge are not enough, which also causes the childcare personnel to rely on emotional communication to establish viscosity with the parents, losing the parent ’s recognition of the professional level of childcare


    Course highlights:

    • US CDA Child Development Expert Speaker
    • Perfect knowledge system
    • Practical
    • The content is clear and clear, and it is easy for students to master
    • After-school homework has strong applicability, which is convenient for students to practice in the future
    • Professional question answering and learning interaction to help nursery staff reflect and grow



    Liu Yanying  

    Executive Dean of the International Institute of Early Education

    • CD Specialist (PD Specialist)
    • Senior Principal of Massachusetts Kindergarten
    • Author of "Natural English Skills 0-3 Years Old"


    Live class time (Beijing time)

    April 6, 7, 9, 9 and 10

    April 13, 14, 16, 17

    20: 00-23: 00 3 class hours X 8 days total 24 class hours








    1. 掌握创造和维护有利环境的能力,掌握区角设计和环境设计的规范和标准
    2. 在工作落地使用,并解决实际问题,有能力画设计图和区角图,实现设计要求
    3. 创造出更适合婴幼儿的课程





    1. 快速且准确掌握婴幼儿的成长里程碑、发展规律以及各阶段不同的科学发展目标
    2. 更深层了解和掌握婴幼儿成长发展的根源,更好理解婴幼儿的行为表现,以及制定更个性化的发展目标。




    1. 掌握婴幼儿语言发育表现、认知发育表现、社交能力表现,更好地理解婴幼儿的行为表现
    2. 如何设计更好的托育环境,以促进婴幼儿语言发育、双语学习能力发展、认知及创造力发展、自我认知能力发展、社交能力发展





    1. 正确了解孩子发生不当行为的根本原因
    2. 找到孩子真正需要帮助的根源
    3. 制定合理科学的解决方案和教室规则




    1. 如何与婴儿接触
    2. 如何在不干涉婴儿活动的同时给予必要指导
    3. 如何保障自身行为可以带给婴幼儿舒适反应
    4. 如何在婴幼儿语言有限的月龄内与其沟通交往、理解婴幼儿行为,以及照顾婴幼儿
    5. 如何与婴幼儿从不相识到建立良好关系
    6. 如何与婴幼儿父母建立信任关系
    7. 托育人员之间如何沟通和帮助



    1. 帮助婴幼儿托育人员解决课程设计问题,包括阅读、数学、艺术、运动、科学环境及课程。



    1. 帮助婴幼儿托育人员获得更高的家长满意度和信任度,以及对托育人员的专业水平的认可,达到家园共育目标。


    First aid knowledge

    1. "Children's interests are above everything else", first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation are the skills that early education workers must master.


    Tong Rui International is the only authorized institution of the United States Career Certification Commission (CPR) in Greater China. The overall solution for parent training and childcare centers improves the quality and management of international education for Chinese early childhood education.